Become the best partner for development YAEGAKI promises to contribute to the development of your company by gathering the knowledge of specialists with experience in recruiting, immigration procedures, and labor HR. As the shortage of human resources is progressing, we will support not only the Staffing of human resources but also various support services for the human resources accompanying them. In cooperation with group companies and related companies, we will make the best proposals for your corporate management.


・Partnerships with carefully selected and excellent overseas companies
・One-stop service from departure to after-sales follow-up
・Cooperation service with a reliable partner by a group of legal experts


Staffing business

・Technical Intern Training
Yaegaki strives to provide support to both customers and technical intern trainees so that training plans can be smoothly implemented and achieved. In addition to visiting customers regularly, we have a system that can be consulted at any time, and we will do our best to ensure that customers can feel safe even when trouble occurs.

・Specialized Technique Support
“Specialized Technique” is a status of residence for the purpose of new employment from April 2019.It is now possible to accept foreigners with certain skills. In Yaegaki, we will introduce foreign human resources who have been trained overseas.

・Advanced human resources
YAEGAKI introduces highly skilled human resources with expertise, especially foreign engineers. We will find human resources such as technical engineers who have graduated from excellent universities and those from local Japanese companies, and will provide Japanese language education through our original curriculum to support employment in Japan.

Foreign human resources support business

YAEGAKI was officially registered with the Immigration Bureau as a registration support organization for foreigners with Specialized Technique.
When accepting foreign workers in “Specialized Technique”, the receiving company is required to implement various support services as required by law. YAEGAKI is an official “registration support organization” and can accept all support work.

Overseas expansion support business

YAEGAKI is supported by experienced experts from various industries who have expertise in expanding overseas. This service solves all management issues faced by companies with the knowledge of experts in a wide range of fields.
We will conduct market research, strategy formulation, and networking support to see the prospects in overseas markets, and support tax systems and legal matters.

Message from the President-Kei Kuramochi

倉持 佳

In Japan, a super-aging society is advancing, and the biggest concern of corporate managers is securing human resources.
In the next few years, this problem will lead to a shortage of human resources in many companies, which will lower the standard of living in Japan.
There is a great trend to overcome this urgent issue with the help of excellent young people from other countries.
We want young people from abroad to become fans of Japan through exchanges and daily life with Japanese people who work, and to be a bridge between Japan and the country in the future.
We will provide support services for the accepting company to hire foreign staff smoothly.
One of our strengths is that we can support you by adding advice according to the situation of customers and managers.

Corporate Profile

President:Kei Kuramochi
Head Office:3-22-10 Totsuka, Kawaguchi City, Saitama 333-0811
Phone number:+81-48-299-8678
FAX number:+81-48-298-5882
Recruitment agency
Registration support organization

YAEGAKI Group Companies

Origin of the name of “YAEGAKI”


The name of “YAEGAKI” is derived from “Yaegaki Shrine” in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture.YAEGAKI’s Japanese character kanji includes the number “eight”, and the number eight in Japan has the meaning of spread and growth. It’s expresses the desire to bring good luck to customers. We take pride in the name of “YAEGAKI” and do our best to further develop our customers.